About Sisyphus

“Now he is out to make people treat him differently. But he finds, as we all do, that you can’t make anyone love you. You just have to reveal who you are and take your chances.”

— Sheldon B. Kopp

That’s the thing, it’s not really about me.

It’s about all of this. What the fuck are we doing here? Who are you? Who am I? Why am I talking to you? Why are you reading this? Go away.

I’m not doing this for money* or to start a cult.* I’m doing this for a moment that I don’t even get to experience— that moment when I can make a miserable sack of shit like you laugh at one of my dumb jokes. I do it for that little cosmic connection, those few moments when I get to be that little voice in your head, leading you down pathways you wouldn’t dare traverse alone. I do it for whatever that is, man, that shit’s cool.

Welcome to Diary of Sisyphus, a place where philosophy, comedy and tragedy collide and hurl toward your prefrontal cortex like a blazing meteorite from the collective unconscious. Always a pop-pop-pop-populist philosopher— I’m four layers of hell down from a freshman who just took a Philosophy 101 course. May God have mercy on your soul.

Join a modern-day Sisyphus on his journey through the banal and frightening post-911, post-COVID hellscape we now inhabit together.

Golden rules of this blog

  1. Be honest: Always.

  2. Never try to sell yourself: Just present the facts as they are, crack some jokes and let people form their own opinions.

  3. Never try to sound smart: My informal writing style is meant to be a guard against my gross, self-righteous tendencies. Every attempt at making a point should be immediately followed by merciless self-flagellation.

  4. No politics or surface-level hot-takery: The national narrative is a sham constructed by the owners of this country to keep the populace fighting with each other so they can run off with all the money. I refuse to participate in their propaganda war. I think I just broke rule 3.

  5. Keep my personal squabbles out of it: As much as I’d love to light up my incompetent former boss on the internet, nobody wants to hear that shit. I want to keep my posts universal and not use this as a bully pulpit to air out my dirty laundry. I will break this rule often.

  6. Focus on deep, universal issues: The world doesn’t need more surface-level pandering, narcissistic gloating, or performative outrage. Instead, I want to focus on the deeper questions that unite us.

  7. Never reveal my identity: Building a brand for myself always felt gross. I just need that layer of separation in order for these ideas to flow freely. Plus, I don’t want my grandma to read this shit. Luckily, she’s dead.

  8. Don’t write high: Just don’t.

This list will almost certainly expand over time.


I break down my articles into sets of 10, called “seasons.” An explanation of the grades can be found here.

To view articles from previous seasons, click the links below.

Season 1

  1. The Diary of Sisyphus (Grade: TBD)

  2. Sisyphus visits the in-laws (Grade: TBD)

  3. Sisyphus is back on his bullshit (Grade: TBD)

  4. Sisyphus finds a new rock (Grade: TBD)

  5. Miscellaneous thoughts… Vol. 1 (Grade: TBD)

  6. My dog is an asshole and I think it’s a punishment from God (Grade: TBD)

  7. I am Thanksgiving up drinking (eventually) (Grade: TBD)

  8. Introducing “Seasons” (Grade: TBD)

  9. ??? (Grade: TBD)

  10. ??? (Grade: TBD)


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One must imagine Sisyphus happy...


One must imagine Sisyphus happy... A humor, philosophy, opinion, memoir blog dedicated to all the people out there pushing rocks.