Sisyphus makes a MASSIVE and AUTISTIC announcement. The Diary of Sisyphus blog will never be the same!!!!!!!
Sisyphus contemplates sobriety, his sister almost dies, and he gets deathly addicted to McDonald’s Diet Coke.
Sisyphus gets high, blasts a fat rope, and stares long enough into the abyss for the abyss to stare back at him.
Not un-poor nonsense. Think of it as a round up of how crazy I am.
Sisyphus trades his boulder for a stack of TPS reports and now he's got a bad case of the Mondays.
Meditations on depression, addiction and alcoholism. OW MANY ZIGORETTES HAF YOU GOT LAD?
gets drunk on cheap beer and tries to overcome his ego...
Let's get rolling...
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Diary of Sisyphus